Add a Glass Screen Protector?

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Customer Reviews

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Ricky Gregory
Great product!

The product is great. A great case and screen protector. Only issue I had was not with kasemarkers its was with the postal service delivery took them for ever. Kasemakers did the job of a quality product that I will definitely get another one when the time comes. Keep up the great work.

Josue Perez
Second time

I came back and bought a second case for my phone and I really enjoy it.

Nathaniel Hollis
National pride on my phone!

I really like my Join or Die case! It is so obvious that it is real wood and intricate engraving! An excellent phone case!

Shadrick L.
The gladiator Case

Its an absolutely amazing case the moment I got it I put it on and I haven't taken it off since. I've dropped it on almost everything it's an amazing sturdy case and all the while no matter how many times I've dropped it it still looks amazing!

Jace N.
Fragile and not exactly worth it

The case itself is absolutely fantastic, the only thing about it is it’s a bit hard to reach the switch to turn on My phone on silent. The screen protector on the other hand isn’t so great. It was a pain in the butt to install and even once I got it on, I’ve had it a couple weeks and there’s already a large crack and two chips on the boarder and I don’t drop my phone much