Frequently Asked Questions.

Will these actually protect my Phone?

Yes! Our cases are made with Rubber and Wood, which in our experience hold up extremely well. 

How long do they take to ship out/how long does shipping take?

Anywhere between 1 and 5 business days, depending if we have that case in stock. We ship USPS First Priority, so it should take 3-5 business days after it goes out in the mail. 

What’s the deal with the screen protectors?

The Screen Protectors are made of Glass and Stick right onto your phone screen. Usually we'd recommend one of these if you don't already have one.

What's the return policy for screen protectors?

If you receive a screen protector that is broken, please send us a photo. If you would like to return for a refund it MUST be unopened.


Where are we located?

Tampa, FL. 

Is it Real Wood?

Yes, the backs of our cases have real wood in them which include: Spanish Cedar, Mahogany, Padauk, Purple Heart, Maple, Cherry, and Red Cedar. 


Are they heavy?

Nope. Under 2 ounces, so about a normal case. 

What if they get wet?

All the wood is sealed, so you're all set with water. Still probably not a good idea to go swimming with it.


What happens if my case says delivered, but I don't have it? 

We recommend that you contact USPS first with your tracking number and then reach out to our customer service and let us know what they say. 

Why haven't I heard back from customer support? 

Currently, we are a small company and have an even smaller customer service department. We promise we are working to get through your questions as quick as possible. Please give us 3-5 business days for a response. Multiple emails may extend the wait time for us to get back to you.

What if my phone type is not on the website? 

If your phone is not on the website, then unfortunately we don't carry it, either because we just can't find the right phone cases for them or they just aren't popular enough for us to have full-time. 


Any problems that anyone is case by case basis, we try to help everyone in the best way that we can. 

Did we miss anything? 

In the event that none of your questions are answered feel free to shoot us an email! We are here to remedy any and all problems. Thanks!