Frequently Asked Questions.

Will these actually protect my Phone?

Yes! Our cases are made with Rubber and wood, and they hold up extremely well. (I'm pretty careless with my own phone, and it's still 100% intact!).

How long do they take to ship out?

Anywhere between 1 and 5 days, depending if we have that case in stock.

What’s the deal with the screen protectors?

The Screen Protectors are made of Glass and Stick right onto your phone screen. Usually we'd recommend one of these if you don't already have one.

What’s the difference between the Standard and Heavy Duty?

Our Standard case is a Basic Rubber case with the wood inlay in the back of the case.

Our Heavy Duty Cases are a thicker rubber case with a plastic shell on top of that. If you're used to a thicker case or need a lot of protection, this is the better option for you.

Is it Real Wood?


When will you have Heavy Duty Cases for Galaxy’s?

Probable not anytime soon, but if they do become available, we'll share a couple posts on social media to update you.

Are they heavy?

Nope. Under 2 ounces, so about a normal case.

What if they get wet?

 All the wood is sealed, so you're all set with water. Still probably not a good idea to go swimming with it.